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Philosophy and Education

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Call for Papers: “MacIntyre as Critic and Educator,” 5th Annual Conference, International Society for MacIntyrean Philosophy, Providence College, July 28-31, 2011. 

In classical antiquity, the pursuit of truth was seen as more than an academic exercise. It was a search for, and choosing of, a way of life. Alasdair MacIntyre’s thought has been portrayed as an attempt to recover for the contemporary world the wisdom of ancient and medieval philosophy and to provide, using Marx, St. …

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Philosophy in Schools Conference 

The Columbia University Philosophy Outreach ( - with the generous support of the Squire Foundation, the Office of the Provost, and the Department of Arts and Humanities at Teachers College - will present a conference on Philosophy in Schools on October 16th, 2010. The conference aims to bring representatives from graduate philosophy and …

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THE PHILOSOPHY OF CREATIVITY CONFERENCE What is creativity? How does it happen? How is it that creativity is manifest in discovery as well as invention, in science as well as art? In what ways might an audience participate in creating a work of art? What role does creativity play in the construction of the self? …

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Event: The Ins and Outs of Interdisciplinary Research 

The Department of Arts and Humanities welcomes you to the first of a series of events exploring the nature of interdisciplinary research as it occurs within our department and across the college. William Gaudelli (Associate Professor of Social Studies and Education) and Megan Laverty (Associate Professor of Philosophy and Education) will be discussing the following …

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How to Get Started on Pressible 

If you are new to the Philosophy & Education blog, you might be wondering how one gets started. Never fear: here are some steps/guidelines! Once you are all set, come back to this post so you can learn how to make your first post by introducing yourself so we can begin to get to know …

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